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This course was so much easier because I did not have any interruptions from other students complaining about having to be there and they were falsely accused and so on and so on. Also I have disabilities and I was allowed to take breaks when I needed to. I was impressed with the entire program and will tell anyone that needs to or wants to take this course. Thank you very much and keep up the excellent work.


Easy enrollment, convient registration hours, friendly, professional phone staff, easy to understand instructions and worthwhile course material are what made this course was just GREAT!


As a mother (who's child was not in the car while I was speeding) I appreciate the convience of your website. A 4 hour continual course in a stuffy room is not my idea of how to spend my extra time. Also what mother has a 4 hour block of free time? Thanks again for your website.

- P.L., Tampa

I particularly responded to the section on stress. I read all of the symptoms and realized I had them all! That section changed my life. Thank you!


As an amputee with a prosthesis this method of driver class made it much easier to take. I cannot sit for long periods of time so this was an excellent way to complete the course.


I found this program very enlightening. At first I thought oh god i have to read all of this boring stuff, however, it was very entertaining and i enjoyed reading the material. I also read it outloud to my children so they could learn the requirements of safety which should be used when driving in a vehicle


I found this process much more interactive than attending a class when I normally wouldn't have listened but just put in my time. This required me to read the material and the questions at the end of each section help you learn the material for the final exam. Thank you for the internet option. Extremely helpful for those with children.


Excellent page design! I actually learned some things previously unknown to me. Your people I spoke with on the phone were personable and professional, a great combination and pleasure to deal with. I would and am going to recommend your school to anyone and everyone. Thanks, S. P.....a very satisfied customer!