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4 Hour First Time Driver Course Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness

Course Details

TLSAE (Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education), is a state mandated (4) hour FIRST TIME driver orientation course. To be eligible for a Driving Permit or Florida Driver License, ALL persons who will be first time drivers such as students, or those who have never possessed a Drivers License in any other state or foreign country MUST complete this course or it’s equivalent.

At DOTS Traffic School our Online TLSAE program takes pride in…

  • …teaching our students to understand how alcohol and other drugs will affect their driving and life in general
  • …teaching our students to understand the responsibility involved, and laws governing, the operation of any motor vehicle in the State of Florida
  • …teaching our students methods to better understand and use safe driving techniques
  • …teaching our students methods to increase driver & passenger awareness on our roadways

The Course fee is $19.95.

The effects of Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education on future drivers of any age is critical. We stand firm in our commitment to provide each student with the knowledge & tools necessary to avoid becoming a part of tomorrow’s often tragic headline.

Upon successful completion of the TLSAE class (Live or Online), each student will receive a certificate of completion thereby meeting State of Florida Requirements.